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You Don't See Many Floating Homes Like This $490K One

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We've seen quite a few floating home listings come across our desks but we haven't seen too many like this one. This 2008 construction spreads 748 square-feet of living space across two snug levels and fills it with some well-crafted features. This isn't some converted boat or outdated sea shack, hence the $490K asking price. There's been some serious care taken and it shows with the Douglas Fir beams, cork floors and creatively-crafted doors & storage areas. It's hard to combine a living room with what's essentially a garage door and still make it feel comfortable but they pull it off. The bedroom is actually downstairs and there's a patio all the way up top. Considering you're right next to Gas Works Park, that's a prime spot for fireworks on July 4th or just people watching every other day. Those looking for the Lake Union floating home lifestyle without the wear and tear best look here.

· 2143 N Northlake Way 9 [Windermere]