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Ear Plug Hotspots: Mapping Seattle's Noise Complaints

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Seattle's changing but there are some things that remain constant. One of which is the hum of nightlife that pervades the city on weekends and, well, most other nights too. Sometimes that hum gets a little too loud for some folks and its no surprise that certain neighborhoods attract more complaints than others. Trulia enlisted the help of CartoDB and its spatial-temporal visualization tool to make a map out of police data on noise complaints from Seattle going back to 2010. No surprise to learn than Downtown, Capitol Hill and University District end up with the biggest blotches of red. There's also a lot of random hotspots that pop up from time-to-time that deserve notice. What exactly is going on up in Northeast Seattle every so often? Not sure what happened in 2013 but we're going to guess the data was hard to come by and not that complaints dried up altogether. That doesn't sound like Seattle at all.

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