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See the Views From Burien's Three Tree Point for $2M

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Houses don't have to be built at right angles to anything, not compass points, coastlines, or neighbor's fences. This 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath house that neighbors Three Tree Point is canted to everything (except magnetic north or a ley line?), but they made it fit the space. They're asking $1,995,000 for a 3,360 square foot house on about a half an acre with 60 feet of waterfront that is known as a nautical mark. It is the first time the house has been on the market since it was designed by Alexander Sasonoff and built in 1980. The title 'classic' applies to style that survives the decades, which the modern nautical style manages. Granted, modern for 2015 isn't modern from 1980, but the minimal approach to exposed beams, trim work, and cabinetry is familiar. About the only embellishment is a large stone fireplace. The layout of the house and the property mean many of the rooms have distinctive orientations and angles. Evidently, it all works as a whole well enough for someone to own it for 35 years.

· 3774 SW 171st St, Burien [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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