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Denny & Westlake Project Reviewed, Scheuerman Building Sold

There's always a lot of big changes, sales and plans around Seattle. Let's see what's going on this week.

SOUTH LAKE UNION -- Vulcan Real Estate is in design review on an 18-story office building and a 41-story residential tower with 464 units at Denny Way and Westlake Avenue North. Adjacent to Denny Park, the complex will also include a retail pavillion and covered public open space. The big question is whether or not they'll get a subterranean alley vacation for 848 below grade parking stalls. [DJC]

PIONEER SQUARE -- A group that includes Urban Visions' Greg Smith has agreed to buy the Scheuerman Building at 110 Cherry St. and turn it into a hub for artists. Cherry Street Coffee House plans to move in to the ground floor and there are plans for street-level art galleries, retail space for artists and a renovated performance space in the basement. The sale of the complex totaled $4.7 million. [DJC]

DENNY TRIANGLE -- A developer named Bosa (bot not that Bosa) has filed plans to build a mixed-use project with 450 residential units at 2014 Fairview Ave. The project will total 420,000 square feet and occupy the quirky-looking parcel where you can currently find Denny Center. The developer is the brother of Nat Bosa, whose Insignia project just a few blocks away. [PSBJ]