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This Camano Island Flashback Flashes New $879K Price

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Many listings claim fantastic interiors, but how many can prove it by being the setting for photo shoots in Seattle Met magazine, professional spreads like Will Austin's, and retro stock photo collections on Getty Images? How much more iconic does a house have to get? Well, evidently, iconic isn't enough because they chopped the price from $928,000 from when we wrote about it back in May to $879,000 now. The house is in a great spot, on a quarter acre of oceanfront, landscaped back to native plants and cleared to take in the view. Inside it still has 2 bedrooms, 3.25 baths, and 3,221 square feet; but the phenomenal part is the style. Even the 70s didn't look so 70s, retro embodied and emboldened - for the fun of it. The person responsible was the owner of Hattie's Hat and music publication With her music connections, the house has also been visited by enough celebrities for a book. Buy the house, do the research, and live in the place while you embark on a writing career - and to do it right and retro, set a stack of LPs on the turntable, use a typewriter and set the appropriate drink by your side.

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Written by Tom Trimbath

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