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Uncork the Potential of Orcas Island Winery for $1.2M

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A few bottles on the kitchen counter aren't enough? Wine cellars are never big enough? Maybe you need to buy a winery and a vineyard, too. Orcas Island Winery is up for sale. They're asking $1,200,000, which gets you zero bedrooms and only a half bath. Evidently, the value is in the 15.7 acres, two of which are already in grapes with another six possible. There really is an impressive building there. It's the renovated barn that houses the tasting room and some of the production facilities. Upstairs is a studio, which may be more than enough for people who are more interested in tending vines than watching videos. There's room for expansion, though. Even with eight acres in grapes, that leaves 7.7 acres for other projects or simply free space. The site is approved for a 4 bedroom septic; so, building that manor house is possible. But, there's a purposely straightforward style to the barn that could be the anchor for a modern aesthetic. No reason to build a French villa if you're not in France. You can step into an existing business, or step in and take it private. Maybe you need that much wine for yourself, or some epic parties. It's all good. Don't forget your corkscrew.
· Orcas Island Winery [OIW]
· 2371 Crow Valley Rd, Orcas Island [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath