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Is Special Rent For Amazon & Microsoft Employees Fair?

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While we're not entirely convinced that Amazon is single-handedly killing Seattle, it's hard not to see that the expansion of the region's tech companies is having an effect on rents and affordable housing availability. It's probably not helping matters that landlords and apartment complexes are offering special deals specific to employees of companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. That's what The Stranger pointed out yesterday, rummaging through Craigslist ads (like this one) to find a trend of " preferred employer specials," which usually means a reduction in move-in costs or deposits. While it makes logical sense financially to go after renters with dependable jobs at major corporations, it may also be a case of providing benefits to high-income earners at the expense of low-income earners who are left with fewer and fewer options. Is all of this illegal? That's something that Seattle's Office of Civil Rights is looking into.
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