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How Much For This Storybook Craftsman in Hawthorne Hills?

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PriceSpotter is Curbed's asking price guessing game. We provide you with some details and pictures from a real estate listing, and you take a crack at the price in the comments. Tomorrow we reveal the answer. And hey, no cheating!

What Is It?: 3-BR, 1-bath Storybook Craftsman in Hawthorne Hills
Home Square Footage: 1,200
Taxes: $4,509
The Skinny: Built in 1935, this quaint home is surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens. Nicely-udated inside, it features hardwoods throughout the main level. The upstairs features new carpet in the bonus room and a small bedroom. Out back, there's a chicken coop, greenhouse and detached studio would make for a cozy office or artist's studio. So, knowing what you know, how much do you think they're asking for it?