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Here's a Tiny $385K Bungalow Between the Bridges in Frelard

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If for no other reason, once in your life live in a bungalow just to be able to say the word more often. Bungalow. One of the oddest housing names after yurt. Cute, though. This 1 bedroom, 1 bath house that's 600 square feet inside probably was built by pragmatists, not designed by high-paid architects; and after 110 years of owners it continues to give bungalow a good name. They're asking $385,000 for it and the 3,000 square foot lot it sits on. Besides the classic hardwood floors, a wainscot and tile bath, peaked roof, stylish and minimalist roof over the front door; the property also has location. It has good access to the Burke-Gilman Trail, Leary Way, the Ballard and Fremont bridges, and Ballard and Fremont. Or, stay home and enjoy a design and style that's survived more than a century - then get more modern and hangout in the hot tub out back. Historic is nice, but modern indulgences are sweet.

· 4223 5th Ave NW [Zillow]
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Written by Tom Trimbath