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Here's Some Very Seattle Ways To Celebrate David Bowie

David Bowie's musical career was epic and if it is all you know of him then you probably already think of him as a legend. But the iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Famer was so much more than just a singer and songwriter. He was a multi-instrumentalist, a record producer, a painter an actor, just to name a few things. The icon passed away Sunday, just two days passed his 69th birthday. He leaves behind many fans around the world who want to celebrate his life and artistry and for those here in Seattle, there are more than a few ways to do that.

Image: EMP

Visit The Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame at EMP
Although his membership in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is slightly more well-know, Bowie is also an inductee into the Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame at EMP. Inducted in 2013, Bowie gained membership due to "significant aspects of his work have promoted science fiction and fantasy to the mainstream." His concept albums and film work often blended fantasy with reality and touched on bigger issues through science fiction. Go pay homage to his face on the wall of inductees and then peruse EMP for more artifacts from his many careers. According to their Facebook page, they are playing Bowie's music and "working on a few other things for this week."

Image: David Ball

Rock Out With The Next Best Things
According to their website, "a BowieVision performance is better described as a celebration than a tribute." We're going to guess that their February 6 show at the Tractor Tavern (along with Purple Mane) will be a bit of both now. They run the gamut of Bowie's discography, from Rebel Rebel to Life on Mars?, Young Americans and they're not too above rocking out to Let's Dance as well.

Image: The Rickshaw

Become Ziggy Stardust For A Night
There were a bunch of Seattle bars hosting Bowie karaoke nights on Monday and that trend is likely to continue all week long. The Rickshaw is hosting one Tuesday night starting at 9pm. Keep a painted eye out for more.

Image: School of Rock

Support The David Bowie's In Training
Seattle's School of Rock will take everyone to Bowie school on Saturday at Chop Suey when they rock out to the icon's classic hits. Keep your cursing to a minimum cause it's kids but then again it's rock & roll, as David would have done.

Know of any other events or places to visit? Share in the comments below.