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$2.4M Woodinville Estate Has Room For Your (Secret) Hobbies

It is refreshing to find an upscale house that did more than just make the formal spaces more formal and more spacious. This 4 bedroom, 5 bath house has plenty of space considering its 6,630 square feet, and they played with it. They're asking $2,395,000, which includes the "standard luxury" items like a gorgeous entry, an expansive kitchen, and a master bath with enough nozzles and jets to clean every pore. The biggest and easiest to see fun part is the swimming pool that comes with its own house. There's also a volleyball court out there, too. Inside, there's the expected home theater, a billiards room, and that other great entertainment that's home to Woodinville - a wine cellar. Then, even if you poke around you may not find the secret door that leads to a hobby room that includes a stage and room for, well, "secret hobbies," possibly. Between the inside and the outside is a large, protected patio that has its own fireplace, dining area, and room for the hot tub. Maybe the greatest luxury isn't in the crystal, but in the choices available.

· 22033 NE 137th St, Woodinville [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath