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Bring Your Wine and Books to this $1.8M Kirkland Two Story

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The landscaping makes it look like it has been lived in for decades. The style suggests the same. But the house was built in 2004, barely a dozen years old. Somehow they managed to make the 5 bedroom, 3 bath 5,228 square foot house look like it's a natural part of the neighborhood and still fit on a 7,200 square foot lot. Inside, it's obvious that the construction and appliances are relatively new; but, the formalities are observed, from the library waiting to be refilled with books, to the wine rack ready to be refilled with bottles, and some big empty white spaces that redefine almost every empty room that's outside the main traffic flow in any house. At $1,839,000, find out if they're leaving the piano or the pool table. Nice ways to define those spaces, and tough things to move.

· 620 14th Ave W, Kirkland [Zillow]