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Rejoice! Bike Lanes on the 520 Bridge Open Early

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Photo: Tom Trimbath

Congratulations, cyclists. You (and pedestrians) will be the first people to publicly use the 520 bridge. A ride called the "Cascade's Emerald City Bike Ride" will let up to 6,000 cyclists use the bridge for a day and for the price of $30. That's a bit higher than the typical toll for a car, but the cars won't get to use the bridge for a while. Neither will cyclists after those first few hours. The event is part of a celebration, but as with most construction projects, key pieces won't be done for years. In the meantime, enjoy the view, preview the eventual commute, and don't worry about overloading the bridge. Even if it isn't complete, it can probably withstand the weight of a few thousand lightweight frames and cyclists.
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520 Toll Plaza

, Hunts Point, WA