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Take it Outside to Your Own Lounge for $850K

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"I've heard enough of that noise. Take it outside!" That's what you can do in this custom Craftsman. Skip euphemisms like "studio" or "office", this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2,600 square foot house has a detached lounge where the bar, the beer, the fireplace, and the game are separated from the living spaces. Put those distractions outside and the piano and elegance have more room inside. The $850,000 house isn't overly formal, and the lounge is actually refined in an expensive Montana rock and live-edge wood sort of way. If the weather is nice enough, the awning can come out and bridge the space between the two buildings, creating room for bigger parties. Don't make the parties too big because otherwise you might hear the neighbors telling you; "I've heard enough of that noise. Take it back inside!"

· 712 N 120th St [Zillow]