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The Blue Is Bold In This $1.115M Denny Blaine Tudor

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Granted, it is only paint; but you can benefit from the fact that they took the bold step and painted this Tudor a shade of blue that stands out from the boring and beige. It is a classic 3 bedroom, 3 bath from 1927 on a 5,998 square foot lot that has colors (the yellow doors are a nice contrast) and details inside and out that show that someone gave it a thought, trusted their confidence, and created something appealing - at least to them. Now for $1,115,000, you can own their artistry (assuming the price doesn't change in the negotiations); or take over, do it over, and create something new, yet again. Keep the roof lines and windows the same, and its classic aspects will remain.

· 209 36th Ave E [Zillow]