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Seahawks Blue and Green Define This $580K Bungalow

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Why simply hang a blue and green 12 outside when you can celebrate the Seahawks by painting the interior and the exterior blue, green, and shades between? The impressive trick is that they managed to do that while also making it look good instead of tacky. Every room manages to hint at the team colors while also working in other art that has nothing to do with football. It is an impressive creation that they've made from a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Craftsman bungalow. At 1,660 square feet, it probably took a lot of work, but was more manageable than doing the same thing in a mansion. They're asking $579,500 for this work of Seahawks art that also includes mature landscaping, a well-worked and traditional 1925 fireplace, a necessarily updated kitchen, and a custom water fountain feature. It also includes one room that breaks from the theme. Maybe it was an accident that ended up with one room painted in Broncos orange.

· 826 NE 80th St [Zillow]