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The Best and Worst Places to Park Your Car and Yourself

To everyone who doesn't have to drive and doesn't own a car, shopping for a rental is dramatically easier. For everyone else, cars are almost like pets when trying to find a place to live. Many rentals don't accommodate them, but many of us have to have them. Trulia drew up a couple of maps showing where it's easier and harder to find a place to park your ride while also parking your self.

The 10 worst neighborhoods for parking your car on street probably aren't much of a surprise because they are the most talked about parts of Seattle: Pioneer Square, International District, Central Business District, Pike Place Market, Belltown, Yesler Terrace, South Lake Union, South Park (an ironic name), and Portage Bay. Also something handy to keep in mind if you just want to visit, too.

The 10 best neighborhoods for finding rentals that include parking aren't talked about as much, but maybe that's because the residents don't want to let others in on the secret: Broadview, Haller Lake, Maple Leaf, Matthews Beach, Victory Heights, View Ridge, South Delridge, North Queen Anne, and Seaview.

Not a lot, as in no overlap between the two. If you have a hard time finding a place to park when you're looking for a place to rent, you might also have a hard time finding an apartment that provides parking, relatively. If you can park on the street when you visit the neighborhood, you might also get a dedicated spot, too. That means your eventual guests won't have to drive around as much and maybe not have to pay to park.

If you find it too much work to find a place for you and your car (and your pets?), well, then it is time to quit making fun of the suburbs and move there. Or, you could give up the car and finally see how far you can go on a bicycle.
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