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Buy Former Seahawks WR Nate Burleson's $2.95M Former House

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From 2006 to 2009, Nate Burleson played for his hometown Seattle Seahawks, having his best year in 2009 before heading on to the Detroit Lions. He ranked high enough with the fans to be voted to the 35th Anniversary Team. That makes sense considering he had three returns of at least 90 yards. Like many players, he moved around the league and around the nation, but kept his house beside the fourth hole of the Golf Club of Newcastle. It's also a place and a sport where he could travel a lot farther than 90 yards chasing a ball without having to worry about being tackled.

Now, the 6 bedroom, 7 bath house is ready for a new owner, one that can afford $2,950,000. The house is big. The rooms are big. The feeling is even bigger, partly because of the extra space that is the golf course, partly because it was designed for outdoor living that probably isn't counted in the 8,871 square footage. One of the patios is well-enough equipped to let you watch the game, enjoy the fireplace, cook a meal, and use the rest of the world as a backdrop. Inside, the style is Northwest formal, refined but warmed by exposed wood, natural light, and just enough columns to emphasize elegance. Of course, there's a gym. There has to be. There's also an elevator, which may not sound necessary until you're tending an injury. For more sedate entertainment play with in the billiards room, or settle into the tiered and richly upholstered theater. If you're there to watch the game, though, "sedate" probably doesn't describe the experience.

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