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Welcome to an Innovative Seattle Transit Map App

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Image: Oran Viriyincy, Seattle Transit Blog

Maps were drawn on paper. Now maps are drawn in apps. Seattle Transit Blog has released The Seattle Transit Map and Guide as an app because it is one of the best ways to zoom in and read the details you need for your route. The map is stylized, which other cities have found is the best way to convey the information. A rider doesn't need to know every squiggle in the route, but does need to know the stops and the connections. Compiling the information, creating the graphics, writing the app, and keeping it all current is a task worthy of a major organization, but it sounds like it is the work of one dedicated individual (with the help of lots of others: SDOT, CHK America, Transit Riders Union, ...). There's even a playful style to the colors selected. They reflect the region while also providing information, colors from the Sound, salmon, cherries, coffee, rhodies, and otters. The idea is to get feedback before the final launch. Dive in. Tell them how it's working, or not.
· The Seattle Transit Map and Guide [STB]