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Picturesque $5.8M Broadmoor French Chateau Survives Slices

In 1926 a French Chateau landed in Broadmoor and it continues to occupy a sweet space along the fairway of Broadmoor's golf club. The club preceded it, but not by much (1924); so for ninety years the landscaping has been settling in, minus a few divots. Hopefully, none of the windows have had to deal with errant slices. There are plenty of windows because there are plenty of rooms: 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and 9,180 square feet of living space. Heritage, elegance, location, lots of space, and about a half acre in an exclusive neighborhood explain much of the $5,750,000 listing price. The swimming pool helps. So do the billiards room, wine cellar, gym, and outdoor kitchen. Even though it is luxurious and French, it pulls back from the showy ostentation of some. There are chandeliers, but they are small. There are fireplaces, but they look like they could heat the room, not burn entire trees. The space itself is the luxury, rather than an over-abundance of glamour. Of course, 6 bedrooms does suggest a large family, or maybe a lot of guests, or maybe a large on-site staff, or maybe one reason it may take a while to sell - or not.

· Broadmoor Golf Club [BGC]
· 3414 E Shore Dr [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath