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What $1,300/Month Rents You in Seattle Right Now

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour the region's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. This week we're looking at places that will run you $1,300/month. You tell us which place you'd choose.

We begin at M Street Apartments in First Hill where $1,310/month gets you a 475-square-foot studio. We're not entirely sure the unit pictured is the unit in question cause we don't see a bed, but regardless it looks well-maintained and modern. The pet-friendly building comes with all the modern apartment complex amenities and positions you close to Downtown and Capitol Hill.

Next we head to The Junction where Mural offers a studio apartment for $1,298/month. The setup is a little wonky. If you're going to create a separate space for the bedroom, why not just build a bedroom? The appeal here is that you're right in the heart of Alaska Junction. Plus, you've got a bunch of places to eat and shop right downstairs.

Now we're off to Belltown where Centennial Tower and Court offers a 508-square-foot studio for $1,298/month. Another one where it's tough to say exactly what the unit looks like but clearly you're going to get a decent view, or at least some big windows to look of. Lots of building amenities such as a 24-hour fitness center, indoor pool and spa and Electric Car Charging Station. Location-wise you're close to Denny Triangle and walkable to both Queen Anne or Downtown.

The Parc On Summit in Capitol Hill currently has a 388 square-foot studio available for $1,300/month. Built in 1990, this condo complex drops you in the heart of the Hill. The snug unit includes a Murphy bed and comes furnished with a leather sofa. One less thing to worry about. Despite the size, you still get a full bath, outdoor deck and storage space.

Finally we end up in Whittier Heights where Noba Apartments has an Open 1-BR for $1,300/month. A clean setup with wood floors and a divider to give you some semblance of a bedroom. You're up there past 80th Street but still close enough to Ballard without having to pay Ballard prices.

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