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How About a $289K Condo by the Space Needle Architect?

Did you realize that the architect of the Space Needle (John Graham) also designed apartments? One big gig is not enough to pay all the bills. From Seattle's icon to a 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 500 square foot apartment is a long arc of accomplishments. You can't buy the Needle (can you?) but you can buy this Talisman condo for $289,000 (+ $331/month). From priceless to actually affordable. The good news is that, as timeless as the Needle is, a loft apartment/condo on First Hill looks trendy, still. The size is popular. Putting the bedroom in the loft is popular. Keeping the design simple is popular. One innovation that hasn't caught on, yet, is the curio bookcases built into the outside of the loft's railing. Either get a tall ladder or reach through without knocking anything else off to display art and books that the cat probably can't get to. Considering our earthquake possibilities, maybe that's the place to put soft, squishy things that won't hurt you or your guests sitting downstairs.

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Written by Tom Trimbath