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Sean Bell Industrial Modern 3-BR Marvels at $789K

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In July we featured 360 Design Studio architect Sean Bell's own West Seattle home, an industrial modern made distinct thanks to sustainable materials and simple style. We've been waiting for a chance to see what else he can whip up and the 3-BR for sale at 3119 SW Spokane Street is exactly what we were expecting (and yet filled with features we couldn't have expected). Another industrial modern, this one built in 2002, the house has a very similar feel thanks to a materials mixture of bamboo, mahogany, steel and plywood floors (which almost looks like cork). Bell also always seems to find a way to make the bathrooms seem luxurious even when they're not filled to the brim with amenities. And that steel fireplace, tho. Downstairs, a cozy media room takes advantage of your impressive library (guess you better start collecting books). Oh and that unique exterior look? That's cedar and roofing shingles. There's plenty of eco-friendly homes and green construction going on in Seattle, but very few of them evoke a sense of something special quite like a Sean Bell design.

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