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Tiny Tucked Away Ashford A-Frame Asking Just $60K

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Some names are authentic. There's a place called Mt. Wow, and its name had nothing to do with a marketing campaign. The views are that good. There's an A-frame in its neighborhood that's for sale at $59,500. You may not be able to see the mountain from there, but it is close to the other big Wow of Mt. Rainier. The 1 bedroom, 672 square foot house is even closer to the Nisqually River, which means the water flowing past your neighbors was recently part of our tallest volcano's coat. The cabin is classic, built in 1965; with a few upgrades, like appliances. Well, at least the microwave is new-ish. The woodstove has been replaced with baseboard heat, but the original pad is in place for the stove's replacement or as a place to stub your toe. Reread the listing and notice that the number of bathrooms is zero, though there is a bathhouse outside. Look at the photos again, and notice that there is a toilet, a shiny metal toilet with a button on the back and a fire extinguisher beside the door. Because there is no sewer or septic, there's a good chance the toilet is either a composter or an incinerator, hence the extinguisher. If you ever use an incinerating toilet, make sure you put the seat back down. If you're interested in a cabin in Ashford, it's probably because the luxury you seek is quiet, natural, and immediate; so, a loft bed, old appliances, and having to walk to the bathhouse probably aren't as important as being able to walk to the river, hike up a mountain, and ski down Rainier. And/or, it may just be the fact that a house that costs less than some cars can mean living without a mortgage, and that's another appealing luxury.

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Written by Tom Trimbath