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This Drone Video Showcases The Beauty of Seattle From Above

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Emirates Airline and Boeing decided to team up and create a series of drone videos called View From Above. One of the videos shows us some beautiful shots around Seattle from high above. We get great shots of everything from the downtown waterfront to Gas Works Parks, Lake Union, Husky Stadium and much more. It's an impressive list of cities and countries that made the cut (Rio de Janeiro, New Zealand, Sri Lanka) and Seattle can probably thanks Boeing for making sure we were included (with a couple shots of their facilities thrown in for good measure). No, Boeing jets weren't used to procure any of the footage. You can probably thanks Justin Thomas Ostensen of Shotwell Media for most of it.

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Husky Stadium

3800 Montlake Blvd., Seattle, WA 98105

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109