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How Many Uber & Lyft Drivers Are in Seattle? Over 9,000

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Image: Michael Righi

Despite their best efforts to block the release of the number, app-dispatch companies Uber and Lyft's injunction was denied, which means we now know there are more than 9,200 Uber and Lyft drivers currently permitted in Seattle. The number became public after a local law firm requested those numbers under Washington's Public Records Act. The timing of this information's release also seems to coincide with growing scrutiny into the companies' employment practices as Seattle recently allowed drivers to unionize and push back against certain business practices. What it means for users of the apps is that you should feel pretty confident you'll be able to get a ride when you need it. Especially since that number doesn't even include Uber drivers who also have for-hire licenses already (i.e. limo drivers with Uber Black). That might push the number pretty close to five digits worth of potential drivers out there.
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