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West Seattle Modern Looks Like a Star Wars Imperial Shuttle

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Is it just us? Are we the only ones who see the design of an Imperial Shuttle from Star Wars as the basis for the middle home in Zimmeray Studios and YSBuilt's Triple-Double House project? If you do happen to buy it (as it's just hit the market asking $1.517M), please do us a favor and stare out that window above the carport with your hands clasped as you give the order to destroy those rebel scum. Just once.

The residence is actually called Garden Villa due to its expansive view of the outboard buildings' "living walls" and to the lush upper hillside behind it. In fact, all three residences provide a very different experience along this steep slope site. The northern building is being called City View for some very obvious reasons (also available for $1.43M). On the other side is Forest Lawn (sale TBD), which is located adjacent to a greenbelt right-of-way. Working within serious restrictions based on slopes and zoning, the three-residence property will share pedestrian traffic ways and community concourses. Each also comes with its own ADU, increasing the potential for community growth.

As for the Garden Villa itself, it's going to be four total bedrooms and 3.75 baths inside a Green Built 5 Star with LED fixtures, custom metal work and an elevator. It's also electric car-ready and customizable based on buyer preferences. Homes will be built using modular construction with terraced concourses stretched between the structures.

Renderings were created by FWD3D Design.
· 3425 33rd Ave SW [Windermere]
· 3429 33rd Ave SW [Windermere]
· Triple-Double House [Zimmeray]
· Triple-Double House [YSBuilt]