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Historic Eitel Building's Days in Disrepair May Be Ending Soon

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Seems like every couple months we hear about how someone is going to finally remake the Eitel Building and restore it to it's former glory. Lake Union Partners is the latest would-be restorer. They purchased the 112-year-old building in November and it sounds as though their plan to bring in Columbia Hospitality (Salish Lodge & Spa, The Inn at Langley) to run it as a hotel (with ground-floor restaurant & bar) is gaining traction. Of course, there's one big issue standing in the way...the state of the building itself. Inside, it looks every bit the building that has been in disrepair for decades. Windows are boarded up. Mold runs rampant. Paint and wallpaper peels endlessly. Photographer Tiffany Von Arnim took a tour through the building not too long about and her pictures showcase a historic Seattle landmark in serious need of a modern makeover. Sounds like it's finally coming and not a decade too soon.

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