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What Does Amazon Have Planned For This SoDo Building?

You know by now that any time Amazon touches any kind of Seattle real estate, it's going to have an effect on the surrounding area. So when GeekWire discovered that the online retailer has quietly leased a 17,500-square foot building at 6th Avenue and Holgate Street in SoDo, it makes you wonder what they've got planned. So far Amazon is mum on the structure, but considering the location and easy access to Interstates 5 and 90, it would make a lot of sense as a distribution center of some kind. Planning documents for a renovation showcase areas within the building called "Storage/Processing" and "Open Processing," which lend credence to the idea. Meanwhile the proper manager won't confirm anything and plans filed with the city refer to the tenant as "M.U.G." The space was previously a furniture showroom for Moe's Home Collection and representatives of "M.U.G." have asked to change the designation of the building from retail to light industrial.
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