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$6M Denny Blaine Estate Lets You Keep Tabs on Bellevue

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Grow old and look better? For some homes, that's the case. A 1906 estate in Denny Blaine is for sale at $5,995,000. After 110 years, elegance and luxury remain. Some of the features were probably dated for a while, but they're back now. Now, it is a 5 bedroom, 5 bath house with 7,852 square feet. It would be interesting to see if it started that way. The basic structure seems classic, as in the window and door framework, and the lath and plaster construction upstairs. Understandably, the kitchen and bathrooms have been updated because quaint and period only go so far in modern life. The theater is certainly modern; as is the electrical and plumbing - though the chandelier looks classic and new at the same time. The very thick door in the library suggests secret rooms, which have been in style for centuries. And then there are the timeless luxuries: the 0.46 acres, the views across Lake Washington that continue to be mostly mountains and water with a few extra buildings and lights added to a place called Bellevue, and the local location close to downtown. After 110 years, has the commute time changed?

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Written by Tom Trimbath