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Seattle Contestant Eliminated from Top Chef; Stateside Planning Next-Door Bar

This week's top hits from Eater Seattle, Curbed's sibling bar, restaurant, and nightlife blog.

Image: Stateside, Eater file photo

TOP CHEFFAGE—Eater Seattle has been recapping Top Chef episodes, but that all came to a screeching halt when Seattle contestant Jason Stratton, the chef at Mamnoon, was eliminated from the competition last week. Still, Stratton could claw his way back via Last Chance Kitchen. Will he beat six other competitors to make the finale?

COMING ATTRACTIONS—Two years ago, Hot Cakes' Autumn Martin was close to opening her dairy-free, plant-based ice cream spot, Frankie & Jo's, in Wallingford. She got cold feet, then, about becoming MiiR's neighbor in the new Brooks building. Now she's got a new business partner in Kari Brunson of Juicebox, and the two are panning to bust out some nut milk: They're opening a plant-based ice cream shop—location undetermined—in the near future.

PLYWOOD REPORT—Details are thin at this point, but here's what Eater does know: Stateside, an Eater 38 member and voted Eater Seattle's Restaurant of the Year for 2015, is planning a new project next door. The bar will have a separate concept and entrance from the restaurant, but you'd be welcome to go drink there while you wait for a table at Stateside.