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Charming $315K South Park 3-BR Wrapped in Galvanized Metal

You know it probably didn't start this way, but now this 1,060 square-foot 1907 cottage is clad in galvanized metal. Take that, pesky moss and clingy ivy. Laugh at people who have to paint their homes. Wonder at why people don't do this more often. Maybe it is an extension of the stainless steel appliance trend. Maybe it is a way to block spurious radio waves, like a tinfoil hat for the house. Check to see if you can get a good signal indoors. The inside is what you'll see more of, and that is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house that continues some of the character of its more than hundred year history with original molding and fir floors. You can live conventionally behind an innovative facade. They're asking $314,990 for the house, the 4,500 square foot lot, and the intriguing mix of creativity and history. Put on a metal roof and box yourself in, or just dive into the research about how to build a proper Faraday cage.

· 839 S Donovan St [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath