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Cornerspotted: Westlake Pedestrian Mall in 1965

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess where location full of long-gone brands and billboards is located in Seattle. We took it relatively easy on you guys and so many of you provided the correct answer. We'll have to give tcooperm credit for answering first that we're at Westlake Park.

Image: Seattle Municipal Archives Before Westlake Park and Westlake Mall as we know it today, there was Westlake pedestrian mall. That Bartell's is gone, of course, to make room for the current park. You recognize that Bon Marché flagship store as the downtown Macy's now, though they recently decided to sell a few of the top floors. The Mayflower Park Hotel is still standing but you won't find any billboards promoting Pan-Am anytime soon. The "world's most experienced airline" went out of business in 1991.
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