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Yarrow Point Estate With a Spiral Staircase Asks $2.2M

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One room can define a house, or at least have so much going on that the rest of the tour might be short, even in 5,200 square feet. Take a library, surround it in shelves, wrap a balcony around it, and put a spiral staircase down the middle of it. There's a lot going on there; and they've still managed to include a massive river rock fireplace. It is all part of a 6 bedroom, 3.75 bath 1925 house that had a major remodel in 2003. They're asking $2,189,000, which fits with the neighborhood's median price. Yarrow Point sits beside Cozy Cove, looks across Lake Washington to the Olympics, and has convenient access to 520, Bellevue, and Kirkland - if you ever find a reason or a need to leave the house. Between 1925 and 2003 a lot has probably changed, but it would be interesting to find out if the rotunda of an entrance has been there the entire time, or if that was another round element added by a recent architect. The rest is 0.5 acres of very mature landscaping, and a greenhouse in case that wasn't enough. Maybe something grow something round that goes with a spiral staircase and a rotunda.

· 4032 92nd Ave NE, Yarrow Point [Windermere]
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Written by Tom Trimbath