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Seattle's Proposed Tallest Tower Deemed Too Tall By FAA

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Crescent Heights Inspirational Living and LMN Architects unveiled big plans last year for a a 102-story building at Fourth Avenue and Columbia Street that would be the tallest in Seattle by a lot. The Federal Aviation Administration took one look at the plans and said, "A bit too much, fellas."

The FAA has sent a "notice of presumed hazard" to the developer. Currently planned for 1,117 feet above ground level, the agency is concerned the building could interfere with flights in and out of Boeing Field as well as helicopter flights to and from Harborview Medical Center. They also added that if the height were reduced to 965 feet, they would receive "a favorable determination." The bad news is that 965 feet is two less than the neighboring 76-story Columbia Center, which would then retain it's title as Seattle's tallest.

The agency gave Crescent Heights two options: terminate their proposal or request further FAA studies at 965 feet. The developer has yet to comment but it looks like they probably won't get what they want and Seattle may have tapped out in terms of how tall its tallest building can be.
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Harborview Medical Center

325 9th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104