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Built in 1903, This Minimalist Ballard Tiny House Asks $399K

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This is a tiny house, so keep in mind that the lot size is 2,491 square feet. That's smaller than most houses. The house is only 630 square feet, which evidently has been more than enough for 1 bedroom and 1 bath since 1903 - unless it started out smaller and had an addition. A historic home in a neighborhood of historic homes, and yet, considering the size of the house and the lot, it may be truer to the original feel of the neighborhood. Ballard was founded by pragmatists, a minimalism that is back in style. Minimalism costs $399,950; which includes hardwood floors, burgundy wainscoting, and the simple, basic roof lines and tiny porches that some kids draw as iconic houses. The appliances are obviously new. Microwaves ovens didn't exist, and dishwashers were people you could hire. It's hard to tell with the wide-angle lens they used in the kitchen, but the range looks like an ADU/apartment size while the refrigerator looks big enough to rent out as an apodment. The bathroom side of the house sits close to the house next door. The opposite side parallels 65th Street, something that is much busier now than back then. With all of that, there is still a flat and fenced yard big enough for a small garden or a large dog run. There's a lot going on in this one package, and it's been happening for over a hundred years.

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Written by Tom Trimbath