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Snuggle In To This $1M Snoqualmie Cedar Ski Chalet

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El Nino or no, if you love the mountains, you might as well live among them. Snoqualmie Pass has ski areas, but it also has neighborhoods. For the nice very round number of $1,000,000.00 you can buy a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3,220 square foot cedar ski chalet that means not having to drive to get to the lift. If you work in Seattle, you might have to deal with I-90 closures; but then, you'll be stuck at home with nothing to do but ski, or sit snuggly inside waiting for the roads or weather to clear. At least you won't have to worry about your driveway or car because the drive and the garage are heated. Inside, there's a full-height fireplace bracketed by floor-to-ceiling windows. Upstairs is a balcony that looks down on the living room, and that also has a pool table. Applaud the movers who managed to get that up there. Like most good ski chalets there is a mudroom, and a kitchen and layout that assumes lots of skiers who need to come in, drop their gear, fuel up, then head to bed - even if it means stacking almost everyone into bunks. Check your priorities. Which is more important: work or play?
· 44 Summit Way, Snoqualmie Pass [Zillow]

Snoqualmie Pass

1001 State Route 906, Snoqualmie, WA