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The Tale of Ballard's Edith Macefield House May Be Ending

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It all sounded too good to be true when we were told The Opal Community Land Trust had acquired the Edith Macefield House and planned to move it up to Orcas Island where it would become affordable housing. Unfortunately it was. The deal hinged on the new owners raising $200K in order to facilitate the move, something that did not happen. While the story of the house and it's former owner may live on with a movie of it's own, it sounds as though like the actual structure is not long for this world. The 115-year-old house was sold to a group affiliated with Ballard Blocks and a recent addition to King County's website denotes "new construction coming." Considering the place is in complete disrepair, it may just be time to put the old girl out of it's misery.
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