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The Cheapest Properties For Rent in South Lake Union Now

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As is their right as 2015 Curbed Cup champions, we're zeroing in on South Lake Union this week to see what's going on in Seattle's Best Neighborhood*. We wanted to take a look at what you could buy in Amazon's backyard but there's literally nothing available. So, we turn our eyes to the rental market to find out what's available and what's affordable. If you want to get in on the ground floor, you're going to have to pony up at least $1,300/month to say you live in SLU, though things start going up quickly. Let's see what you can get to get you to live here. Afterward, you tell us which place you'd choose.

Union SLU has the cheapest spot in the neighborhood as far as we can tell. The Donzi Studio, checking in at 506 square-feet, will run you $1,323/month right now. Forward thinking folks will appreciate the LEED® Silver certified building that contains four rooftop decks, a theater, a bike garage and more. Not too many pics of the unit itself but looking at the blueprint you do get a washer/dryer, decent amount of closet space and all the basics you need to get before getting back on your bike.

Over at Taylor 28, you'll find a 538 square-foot studio available for $1,623/month. The community is smoke-free, eco-conscious and the building received LEED Silver certification. Unit features include front-loading washer and dryer, oversized windows and many more depending on the unit. The triangular makeup of the unit does give it more space than the usual boxy design.

Next up it's on to Alcyone where you can get a 598 square-foot studio for $1,634/month. The newly-renovated units feature Ceasarstone quartz counter tops, high-end stainless steel appliances, plank flooring, and bamboo window shades. They also boast "one of the largest fitness centers in the neighborhood," which is saying something considering how just about every building has one. Who's gonna measure?

Now it's on to Aperture on Fifth where you can get a 458 square-foot studio for $1,650/month. You'll find cool community amenities such as built-in USB charging stations throughout. As for the unit itself, you get a breakfast bar, dark walnut-grained cabinetry and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Finally we end up at The Century where $1,733/month will get you a 588 square-foot studio. You get all the expected building amenities, including a rooftop deck, top floor resident lounge and a huge fitness center. There's a classiness to the finish on the apartments. They look upscale even though you're not paying upscale prices (at least not at this level). Big windows make a different, too.

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