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Make a Grand Gesture by Buying this Patient $950K Craftsman

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Built in 2013, still on the market, a new home whose longest term residents are probably a few lost and lonely spiders sits on the market playing The Long Game. In Brier, there is a spotless 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath two story that's waiting for someone to commit to a sale. They're asking $949,999, which is up from its 2014 list price of $925,000. At this rate, buying it sooner may save you money. In the meantime, the circular staircase with its ornate railing continues to wait for someone to make a grand entrance. The marble tub and double jetted shower are waiting for some water to justify their presence, and may appreciate someone visiting and putting the toilet seat back down. The 4,813 square feet are filled with hopes at best, but echoes for now. The appliances, including two ovens, are all getting a bit older (check those warranties); including a vine cooler; which is either a typo or a very special foodie's fridge. Outside, the landscaping is settling in, probably content as long as someone comes in to weed and water the 0.32 acres. Of course, if someone bought it and moved in that would probably work well, too.

· 3058 215 Place SW, Brier [Redfin]
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Written by Tom Trimbath