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Wall Out The World in This $446K Seward Park Compound

For when you really want to wall out the world, there's a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,190 square foot Craftsman that has a wall surrounding the 5,640 square foot lot. From the street you may not see past the head height, cinder block wall that has an electric gate for one entrance and a bricked arch for another entrance. Get inside and there are even little concrete curbs around the trees, though they probably won't keep out the squirrels or the slugs. The image is softer than all of that because at least part of the wall is topped with vines rather than something spiky like blackberries. They're asking $445,900 for the package, which has more of a story than just a wall, considering that it was built in 1910. When they describe a Speak Easy style basement they're probably describing the cobbled floor and the brick walls, including a brick shower. Check for hidden rooms and passages. There may be hooch down there somewhere. There's also a second living space, so if the substantially renovated main space doesn't suit, there's a detached and more modern place available. The question is, would you let an in-law or a renter within the walls?

· 8612 Seward Park Ave S [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath