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White Tower of Windows Takes Full Advantage of Sunset Hill

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Look, if you're going to live in Sunset Hill, you want to see some sunsets. Ideally, from wherever you are in the house. That must have been the concept behind the 4-BR, 3-bath in Sunset Hill asking $1.85M. Built new from D3 Design/Build, the interiors are sparse and strikingly-modern, letting the light do all the work. And boy does the light come in. Through windows. Through skylights. Through doors. Through windows above doors. You name it. The kitchen is like a gleaming temple to the color white and any surface that isn't wood shares the same affinity. Like the tiny lawn out back, this home says "well-manicured." All of which is to say that if you want a sterile home base from which to watch the sun set on the Sound every day, you have found your spot on the hill.

· 3449 NW 59th St [Estately]