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Five Queen Anne homes under $1 million worth considering

Reminder, this is Queen Anne. Affordable means something a bit different

Today we browse the Queen Anne listings to see what kind of homes are out there. Even in his residential neighborhood, finding a house in six-figures that you'd want to call home is getting harder to do. We were able to pick out these five as potential options.

One of these things is not like the others. The 1941 two bedroom, two bathroom house is listed as a fixer or where the value is in the land. At one time, it probably looked like the rest of the neighbors. Now, they cast a shadow over the tiny house, and could look straight over its roof to see from house to house. Even with so little emphasis on what's inside, it and the 3,598 square foot lot list at $749,000. Fix it up and bring in plenty of party balloons to make your neighbors wonder if they're about to witness a reprise of Up.

For $26,000 more, at $775,000, there's a 1906 four bedroom, two bathroom classic with scalloped siding, a large porch that wraps around the front, and patio in the back. Inside, there is 1,970 square feet of living space that includes fixtures and framework from the period. Some updates are obvious, like the typical stainless steel appliances and granite counters. Others may take some investigation, or become projects, like the wiring and plumbing - always something to check in historic houses. The lot is 4,800 square feet and fenced, so your kids and pets have a bit of room to roam.

The term 'contemporary' and the date '1914' suggest either something's been massively updated, or they're proud of what was new and trendy over a hundred years ago. From a look at the kitchen, expect the updates. The house certainly looks new-ish; but its most appealing feature may be its location. For $798,000 (at least assuming no changes during the negotiations), you can buy a panoramic view. Attached to the 500 square feet of well-positioned decking is a three bedroom, three bathroom, 2,030 square foot house that has watched lots of sunsets and trees rising. The 3,920 square foot lot is sloped, which means the house and the landscaping is terraced. One of the listing photos suggests that also means getting to and from the house includes walking down and up stairs. A price many will pay for something nice to see.

And now for something newer, a 2009 townhome. At less than ten years old, it isn't a surprise that the inside is modern decor and layout. The two bedroom, three bathroom, three story has a minimalist style and a greater use of steel than wood trim. It has two bedrooms and three bathrooms in the 1,680 square foot space. Systems are newer, and hopefully more efficient. They're asking $849,950, a very modern price.

A brick Tudor may maintain its character and be distinctive longer because, in so many ways, they don't build them that way anymore. This three bedroom, two bathroom example was built in 1926. The slight sweep of the entry roofline stands out, and will for a long time. The listing price is $850,000, which includes the sloping 3,600 square foot lot. The land slopes quickly enough that the people enter the 1,660 square house on one level, and just beside is the car's entrance, one level lower. An iron gate creates a boundary for a well-manicured garden space and walkway, a nice welcome when you get back home.

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