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New $850K Shoreline 5-BR is modern inside & out

Modern living is as much about lifestyle as style

Welcome to modern living, and not just modern looks.

This $849,950 house in Shoreline certainly looks modern. It is angular, blocky, and capped with a butterfly roof that would be great for catching rainwater - and leaves. It's new, built in 2015, so it's almost shiny; but will age and gain a patina and character.

Lots of bedrooms used to mean lots of kids. Now, lots of bedrooms can also mean several generations, or roommates, or lots of project rooms. Five bedrooms and three bathrooms are distributed in the two stories and 2,600 square feet to accommodate people who have no trouble with stairs, while also creating a space on the first floor for folks who don't want to climb.

Inside, the modern style continues. Most rooms are defined by windows or a gas fireplace. The baths emphasize cubic tubs and sinks, and at least one square shower. The kitchen looks like it's designed for a long line of diners, or a never-ending string of people eating at different schedules. The counter may be so long that there's no need for a dining room. Appliances boast modern appeal matched with productivity, especially because the cooktop has easy access to the placemats.

Considering the season, it looks like an easy house to decorate for the end of the month. Turn the butterfly roof into some angry eyebrows. One pair of the windows could become one open and one partly-closed eye. A front door done right could be a side-snarling mouth. But, probably not while it's on the market. Maybe next year, assuming it has sold by then.

· 14740 31st Ave NE, Shoreline [Zillow]