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$1.1M Whidbey Island estate full of tiny cabins

Finally, a retreat for a family where everyone gets their own tiny house

Look at the stats and try to guess what this listing's got: seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, 4,894 square feet, and 18.83 acres for $1,099,000. Sounds like a country mansion and estate for the price of a nice condo in Seattle. Nope. It might, however, be best for a fan of rustic and comfortable tiny houses and cabins. Take your pick of five.

A bed and breakfast built from a series of cabins is for sale on Whidbey. In addition to one large log lodge that overhangs a lake, there are four cabins of various styles. Rather than put all of that square footage under one roof, it's distributed across a variety of options cozy enough to rent out to vacationers. Or, at least they were rented out. Now, the property is on the market and ready to be redefined by a new owner.

The collection was built in 1990, but with a feel for much earlier times. Spreading out the houses gave each more privacy. Five houses were also five opportunities to play with logs versus timbers, rustic versus luxury, tiny versus spacious. All five were built on one parcel; and there are two adjoining parcels that have two more building sites. Handy if you want to expand.

Check the zoning, but it could be a bed and breakfast again, or a retreat center, or an intentional community, or a refuge for tiny house advocates who can't get their buildings approved elsewhere because of size constraints. Maybe it would be just right for a family that wanted to live together, just not under the same roof.

Such a variety of possibilities would seem like a wide market of buyers and a quick sale. Unfortunately, the property has been on the market for over 600 days. The price has been dropped almost $200K. One quirk of the listing probably has nothing to do with the delay, but it is quizzical that, at least on Zillow, the property shows up as an apartment, not as a house. Nah, that couldn't be it.

· 835 Christenson Rd, Greenbank [Zillow]