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Seattle’s best trick-or-treating spots now Laurelhurst and Loyal Heights

Seattle is now the ninth-best city to go trick-or-treating in

Times are a-changin’ in the trick-or-treating game around Seattle.

Used to be you’d want to visit Loyal Heights or Phinney Ridge to get the most candy you could. Last year the word was that Sand Point and Georgetown were the Halloween hotspots. Zillow just released their list for the 20 best cities for trick-or-treating and Seattle has not only regained a spot in the top ten (No. 9) but we’ve got some new top picks for places to pick up plenty of goodies this year.

First of all, how is Zillow determining all of this? Zillow researchers look at home values, how close homes are to each other, crime rate, and the share of population under 10 years old. From there they determine the best places to go on Halloween and they’ve come up with Laurelhurst as the new winner. Considering the median home price there is $1,319,100 you’re going to be talking about some seriously good hauls. Anyone handing out the bag-o-pennies there deserves a side-eye.

The other top trick-or-treating neighborhoods includ Loyal Heights (which is always near the top), Ravenna, Madison Park, and Wedgwood. North Seattle for the win.