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Your morning Washington State Ferry coffee just went up 50 percent

We can only imagine how much the stale pretzels cost now

You’ve got your routine. You get up, drive to the nearest Washington State Ferry terminal. You say hi to the cashier who scans your monthly pass. You wave as the ferryworkers tell you where to go. You park and head upstairs, stopping to hold the heavy door for the person who is just a little too far away so then they feel like they have to run-walk so you don’t feel like a rube and then you both feel awkward anyway. You head for the galley, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, hand over two bucks, and then head for your favorite spot to sit and watch the scenery.

Sorry to say, your routine has been altered forever.

Okay, that’s a little dramatic. Basically, instead of handing over two bucks for that coffee, now you’ve got to hand over three. Actually, you have to hand over $3.01.

You couldn’t just call it an even $3? You had to tack the penny on?

Anyway, this is all because Washington State Ferries has a new food service company, Centerplate, and they do things a little differently.

Free coffee refills? Sorry, those are no more. Refills will run you $1.25 now.

No word on how much the stale pretzels that you dip in almost-flavorless mustard will cost you now, or if that’s even still an option. We might have to pour out some $3 coffee in honor of them if not.