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Live the contemplative life on Whidbey's waterfront for $650K

Classic style lasts a long while

One hundred feet of waterfront is a luxury. Living there in a one bedroom, three-quarter bathroom house means not having to share it much. Keeping the house small (1,535 square feet) on a large natural lot (three-quarters of an acre) means more nature and less maintenance. Extending the living space with a large and tiered deck means plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outside and invite guests over for parties.

One of the surprises about this one story Northwest Contemporary is that the style is current enough to look new, but it was built in 1964 (when those trees were a lot smaller.) Style that lasts for decades has value. From the inside, some of the mid-century feel comes through thanks to the roof beams that extend over the deck, and the baseboard heaters. Check the age of the appliances, but as long as they’re standard sizes, they’re relatively easy to upgrade.

The house looks like it was designed for a person or a couple to quietly live among the trees, with enough space for interests like playing the piano, and still have extra room outdoors on the deck, or in the 600 square foot studio for just a bit of spacial and acoustic separation.

They’re asking $650,000 for the package that includes personal beach access. It is a medium bank lot, so stairs are involved; but that also means you don’t have to worry about waves washing onto the deck. Secure your boat, though. Then, relax and watch the water.