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$1.1M Bellevue estate returns to market after 60 years

The house is a time-traveling marvel

For some properties with acreage, the extra land is left as-is. On this 1.8 acre property in Bridle Trails, the land has been tended and trained. It would be good to know if the stream running through it is in its natural course, or was convinced to flow there. Ask the fish, if there are any.

The house is a time-traveling marvel; or, there’s a typo in the listing. It is on the market for the first time in 60 years, and was built in 1978. Welcome to 2038. Or, they owned the land for many years before putting the house on it.

In either case, they’re asking $1,100,000 for it and the gardens that wrap around it. Inside, there are three bedrooms, two and a quarter bathrooms, and 2,370 square feet. It is an expansive space, with rooms flowing into rooms. An accordion room divider is ready to partly separate the dining room from the living room. A fireplace framed by flagstone, tile, and a broad hearth anchor the living room. Wood furnishings provide earth tones in the kitchen. Wallpapers highlight the entry and bathroom.

With that much open area outside it isn’t a surprise that there’s a broad patio for getting closer to the gardens, but the breezeway between the house and the garage may be more useful during the rainy season. If nothing else, at least it provides a place for guests to park without getting wet.