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Watch the storms come in from this $799K Whidbey home

Storm watching happens inside the Sound, too

You don’t have to go to the coast to watch the storms come in. After they turn the corner around the Olympics, they can head straight up the Sound - and run into the exposed southern tip of Whidbey Island. You may not see surf, but you’ll get to see waves crashing against rocks.

Eighty feet of no bank waterfront provides uninterrupted views down the Sound, including Mt. Rainier. On quiet days, enjoy watching the ships go by as they head to and from Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett. On stormy days, be glad it is a brick and cement planked house that is wired for generator and equipped with a walk-in pantry. On foggy days, don’t be surprised by the fog horns.

The house has a turret, but it is on the land side; otherwise, you could get an even better view above the spray. The turret and an octagonal rotunda provide a respite from the too-frequent right angled rooms of conventional houses.

At its core there are two bedrooms and two and three-quarter bathrooms in 3,055 square feet. That suggests lots of room in each room, and plenty of windows because of the view.

While the lot is about 8,000 square feet, low tide exposes lots of room to roam; probably with opportunities for clamming and crabbing.

You get to decide whether $799,000 is the proper price for owning a property that provides salt spray at no extra charge.